What Can I Eat Now (that I’m fit)?

That title, “What Can I Eat Now (that I’m fit)?” is what I want this blog to be about: Congratulations, you achieved your health goal. But what about long-term wellness? How do you realistically maintain this success and lifestyle? Welcome to my journey as I discover these answers for myself and share my experience and tips. But first, here’s my personal story that started it all.

About six years ago, I lost 90 pounds.

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What could possibly go wrong? The traveling dinner party

My Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Cherries and Mint on crusty wheat bread from a bakery.

It was my turn.

I’ve gorged on the rewards of my friends’ sweat and toil long enough. After savoring countless multi-course, elaborate meals created by my fellow homecooks, it was time for me to tie one on — the apron.

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