What could possibly go wrong? The traveling dinner party

My Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Cherries and Mint on crusty wheat bread from a bakery.

It was my turn.

I’ve gorged on the rewards of my friends’ sweat and toil long enough. After savoring countless multi-course, elaborate meals created by my fellow homecooks, it was time for me to tie one on — the apron.

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Finally starting my own blog. It’s going to be a food blog, focused on healthy eating. I still crave brownies and cheesy goodness, but I find what I focus on tends to bleed into every other area of my life, and I want that to be healthy eating. First, by nipping my sugar addiction in the bud. I eat like two to three desserts a day lately, and no amount of running is going to keep the damage from that at bay. Plus, I don’t run that often anyway. But this is about food. Cooking mostly, but maybe some dining out too. Wish me luck.